Holy Cow – What Happened To Your Site?

Umm…yeap. I was asking myself the same question a month ago.

So I messed up.

Can you tell?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at my feed.

Take a closer look at the dates… The date of the last blog post before this one to be specific.

Are you wondering why it shows June 2016? That’s ’cause your friend here messed up. :/

I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say I lost all posts from that day forward… and there is no backup.


I’m sure you feel my pain.

So I’ve spent the last month trying to decide if I was going to recreate posts I made during the missing period, or if I was just going to move forward from where I was at.

Even though I can restore the posts, I’d only be able to restore a portion of them. Even that backup was not a full backup for the past year. This would leave me with a bunch of posts with broken image links, ’cause who knows where those images are… and if they even still exist… on my system.

I’d then have to go back through and decide if I wanted to create images for these posts and if I did, try to remember what they looked like. I’m not into adding more work to my pile these days, so I’ve decide to just move on.

As I mentioned, I still have an old copy of what backup I did have of the site, so you may see some “new” posts come through that look familiar to something I had already posted… but since it isn’t in *this* version of my site, it will show up as new.

And you may still find a few things “off” with the website while I work on getting it back up to speed.


Bear with me while I try to get this back on track.

And here is your PSA… Always, ALWAYS, check your backup system at least once a month.

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