The Family Brick Survey Results

A few weeks ago, I asked my meager reader base for a helping hand. While I enjoy writing this blog, I’ve found myself struggling to provide information you haven’t already found elsewhere. I mean, let’s be honest, I am but one of many… many… MANY… LEGO-related blogs out there. With so many of us, we overlap information. What would make you want to read something on one blog you’ve already read about elsewhere? (I know, I know, I’m discounting writing style, message delivery, etc… but you know what I mean, so work with me here!)

So, I asked you guys, via a blog post and the newsletter:

What topic would you like to see more of on the blog?

Out of 300+ subscribers, I got a total of… wait for it… 3 responses. Yes, only 3. That slightly hurt my feelings, but I get it. It’s not like I’m turning out life changing stories here. It’s okay… I’m all good now. :)

Sorry – no fancy graphs here. With 3 responses, it’s rather hard to graph anything. However, I will share with them with you below:

I really enjoy all of family brick. I would love it to be even more interactive. Establish a Lego kit. Then make a monthly build using only the pieces in the kit, post a picture and have us copy it? Just a suggestion….

Hmmm. I love the build reviews. I’d like info and hopefully reviews on sites where unofficial LEGO designers sell sets and instructions for MOCs. Also I’d love to hear about how you got into reselling, how it works, where/how you find your inventory, whether it’s worth it, etc. I don’t know if that would negatively impact your business (increase in competition), though. :( I’m sure there’s other stuff, but that’s all I can think of pre-coffee. ;)

Free events and workshops

It looks like I’ll be doing more set reviews, set reviews for unofficial LEGO sets and maybe talk a little about how we go about reselling here. As always, if I hear about free events and workshops, I make sure to post them for you.

So thank you, you 3 who took the time to send me a response to the survey. I will be sending you a token of my gratitude, so I’ll be emailing you individually to get your mailing addresses!

And thank you to everyone who reads The Family Brick!

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