I Need Your Help!

If you visited the blog in the past few days, you’ve probably noticed some crazy things… Maybe it wasn’t loading, or it was loading, but no images showed up… It was a sad, sad blog.

That all happened because the other night I had had enough of my current hosting company. ¡Basta!

While most of you get a seamless experience here at The Family Brick, on the backend, I spent much too long getting a written blog post to actually post. Uploading files was like slow drip torture. It was really bad.

So I moved to a new host: SiteGround. However, since I have a ton… and I do mean a ton… of image files, it took forever. I’ve also been with my host for so long, I forgot what it was going to be like to switch mail servers, too.

Finally, at 2pm this lovely Friday afternoon, I believe I am fully moved over. Yay!

But enough techie talk. I’m moved and it’s awesome! I’m in the honeymoon stage, but I cannot recommend SiteGround enough.


This is the part where I need your help

While I was doing the move, I realized I needed additional direction for the blog. I love writing about LEGO related things; however, the world of LEGO is vast. There is so much I can write about that sometimes I find it crippling. And of course, for each blog like mine, there are 50 or so more like them out there, trying to eek out their niche.

As I look at the categories column, I realize in the past 2 years, I’ve written about a lot of different topics. I’d like to try something different. I’d like to write about something LEGO-related that would be helpful to you.

Could you answer one question for me?

Just one?

Tell me…

What topic would you like to see more of on the blog?

You don’t have to answer it right now. (Or you can, if you want, in the comments below.) But if you’re a newsletter reader, I’ll be emailing you within the week to ask you my question directly.

If you’re a drive by visitor, not on our newsletter list, and were looking for something in particular, but didn’t find it, let me know as well.

I’m all ears.

Thank you all for your input! I’m looking forward to reading all of your answers.

(BTW, looking for the awesome computer build in my featured image for today? Check out the amazing Chris McVeigh at his website.)

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